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Brad Swenson - 07-01-2009
I am driving down on THursday from North Dakota of all places. Any golfing activity planned for Friday????

See you next week!
Barbara Loper Seaberg - 06-26-2009
Ray is right!  I am doing the registrations and as of today we have 165 people coming, and more have called in to say they are sending their checks.  So, if you are on the fence, jump over!  It will be a great party and a wonderful chance to connect with old friends; you won't get another chance for 10 years.  Help out our committee by sending in your registration today, so we don't have too much last minute rush.  Thanks everyone...hope to see you on July 11th!
Ray Book - 06-26-2009
We are still getting the bugs out of the web site. We really have ove 160 going tothe reunion
Chris MacPhail - 06-23-2009
I'll be there. Coming from San Diego. Looking for some really bad golfers to play with Saturday morning. Greg Paske is coming in from Arizona. Lots o' fun!
I just put a short blurb about me on the 'Contact Classmates' list.

I posted some funny letters from my 4th grade classmates in 1961 (Ms Mildred -- Wooddale) when I was out sick. I put them at themacphails.com -- was not sure how to post a large file here.

Get my email at themacphails.com. I didn't want to post it here where crawlers could scoop it up.
Susan Maanum Soderman - 06-22-2009
I'm looking forward to the reunion.  Although I think I need some of Tom VonDrashek's pills to get my memory jump started.  
If your memory is better than mine and you're wondering if Tom and I are still married the answer is YES.  It's been 39 great years!  We have two sons, Christian is 31 and Nicholas is 28.  Neither one has been married or engaged as yet.  I would ask if anyone has daughters available but my efforts in their behalf has met with some resistance.  LOL
See you soon and I apologize if I have a blank look on my face when you say hi.  
Brett Anderson - 06-17-2009
I plan on attending the reunion. Haven't talked to anyone since the last one. I'd love to golf Edina CC while in town. If someone is a member and putting anything together the Thursday or Friday before, please give me a ring or send an e-mail.
Thomas Stewart Von Drashek - 06-16-2009
Borrowed Ralphs Meds @ Camp Warren, They Really Sucked. Ralph-Get aLife or at Least, Valium.
My Time As Pirate Been Pretty Good. Yo-Ho-Ho. Arrrgh, Matie. Highlights of EHS: DECA, Physics, T&R Speed Shop, Speed. Opps, mean. Sheeish.
Now Living in Washington,Dc on Bolling Air Force Base. Awaiting 21 Gun Salutes As look Up From Pit. Honor Guards, Children In India, Weeping....etc. Its' Been VERY Full Life. Wrote Book About IT.'How To Start Your Own Van,Custom or Performance Shop'. 40,000 Copies @ $17.89 Ea. Now Independently Wealthy. See You In Your Dreams, HA.
Signed:Physician thomas stewart von drashek M.D.
Barry McMahon - 06-16-2009
Hard to believe it's been 40 ..  Thanks to Barb and committee for tracking me down.  Won't be able to attend due a work conflict but am hoping someone(s) brings a camera and can post the pics !
Have a great gathering!!
Lee  Otis - 06-15-2009
I still think I won the Homecoming king election. See everyone at the golf event on Sat. AM.  My wife(lynn) live in Sioux Falls. She is the Vp and Gm of Macys and I sell for Qwest.  As Mel Jass would say she has a good job.  I may come up in a GTO so watch out!  Lee Otis
Barbara (Bobbie) Martin Needham - 06-10-2009
Yup!!!!!!!  I'm coming to the 1st Edina Class Reunion I've ever been to after 40 years!!!!  How the heck wild is that?????  (40 YEARS)  I hope I recognize somebody!!!!
Rob Britton (no longer short) - 05-23-2009
Wowie!  Forty years.  Looking forward to seeing y'all in a few weeks.  
Kathleen McGraw - 05-17-2009
Barb said, 'this reunion might be the last.'  It will be my first.      
CAthy (Cavie) Delaney Fischer - 05-16-2009
Really looking forward to July 11th.  How could 40 years have passed so quickly?
See you then!
Brian Konzelman - 05-16-2009
Thanks for the contact. I hope to be able to make the evening reunion. What a hoot to look at all the names and remember the faces! Edina '69.
Victoria Granger-Terry - 05-11-2009
Hard to believe it's been 40 years.  I hope to see many of my friends at the reunion.  

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