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Edina '69 Class Reunion Committee - 07-14-2009
Dear EHS ’69 Classmates:

Wow!  What a memorable 40th Reunion Weekend we just experienced.  Starting with the jam-packed Sherm’s gathering at Bunny’s, where the challenge was putting a name from 40 years ago to a 2009 face, to Claudia’s elegant “girl’s night” event, to the fun-filled golf event on a perfect Minnesota morning and culminating in the fabulous Edina Country Club Gala, there was nothing but fun events, great friends, shared old memories and now brand new ones to cherish.  People came from as nearby as Edina and as far away as Iowa, Illinois, North Dakota, Montana, Alabama, Washington state and DC, New York City, California, Texas, even Honduras and Hawaii! What an opportunity to visit with some favorite faculty (thanks to Larry Stotts, Bud and Ginny Jensen for being there), listen to some oldies but goodies provided by classmate Tom Bates and Hayseed Cree, feast on delicious gourmet fare (and desserts to die for from Claudia!) and just talk and talk and talk!

The planning committee would like to THANK YOU ALL for supporting this wonderful weekend event by being there and participating in all that went on.  We worked hard on this, yes, but we it was worth all the work; we all thought the weekend was successful beyond our wildest dreams.  

Stay in touch, check the website often and keep your eyes open for information about a possible 5-year get together in 2014.

We just can’t wait to do it again!

The Edina ’69 Reunion Committee


Karen Taylor Sheie - 07-13-2009
I wanted to thank the committee for all your time,work, and energy in planning the reuion. Appreciate it all greatly.
Fred Carpenter - 07-13-2009
I just wanted to thank the reunion committee for organizing such a FABULOUS evening. I know it was a lot of work, but it was greatly appreciated by everyone. It was a super-Christmas in July. I have brought (force marched) my wife ,Colleen, to all four reunions, and now she can recognize some people before I do. Once again, thankyou reunion committee. And note to Trish- since I talked to you and Ray at the reunion I think I'll deduct the cost on my taxes.What do you think?
Molly Conlin Cavin - 07-13-2009
Hi old friends, What a fantastic weekend ! Thank you to the committee for all their hard work, creativity and caring. From the slide show, to the card for Rollie Ring, the newspaper accounts of all our past glories, Hay Creek's fabulous music, the little marinated vegetables and Claudia's desserts, and much more; it was just great ! Didn't get out to the golf course to literally tear up the greens, but I know those who did had a great time. I talked myself hoarse Saturday but went home wanting more. And I didn't everyone look so young ! Most importantly, thanks to the committee for locating everyone and turning out the throngs ! Molly Conlin Cavin  stay in touch !
Kathleen McGraw - 07-12-2009
If anyone gets to New York City, email me beforehand, and I'll give you a wonderful tour of the Metropolitan Museum. (kathleenmcgraw@gmail.com)
Karen Vecchi Sisk - 07-12-2009
Sorry, email address is kssisk@yahoo.com.......still early yet and I don't have  my glassses on! Ha
Karen Vecchi Sisk - 07-12-2009
Sorry to have missed the reunion this year, went to the 30th and had a blast! I have been in Denver Colorado for over 30 years now. I am widowed and have  2 grown children . Lost my husband in a car accident 14 years ago , raised my son and daughter and got them both through college! We are all doing great! Enjoying life and doing lots of traveling. Would love to hear from you ! My email address is ksisk@yahoo.com Thanks for this great website and will be anxious to see all the pictures. Hope you all had a wonderful time!
Mary Gohla Penchoff - 07-10-2009
I am making back for this reunion, and enjoyed reading about some of the old lost friends from way back been on this posting.

I live in Arlington, Virginia just ourside Washington, DC and have been in marketing for 20 years.  Still see Judy Carter Brink and Candy Lundstrom Gravier just about every year.

Drop me a note if you couldn't make it but would like to connect.
Jan (Janice Wiley) Roberson - 07-07-2009
This is a great site! I haven't made it to any reunions, so it is fun to see the photos. We live in beautiful Montana near Glacier Park and have been here for some 20 years.  I'm married to a forester, have a daughter at MSU and a son in high school. I've been a teacher in some form or another most of my life. Most recently, I've been a tutor/teacher to the VonTrapp children who live near and are good friends.
Martha (Marcy) Reeves - 07-07-2009
Sorry to miss the reunion. I will attend the next one, if still living. I am married, with two grown boys, and am a professor in the sociology department at Duke University. I wish Title IX had been in effect in 1969...I certainly would have gotten out of home ec. and probably would have run track or pole vaulted instead of been a cheerleader!
Barbara Seaberg - 07-02-2009
The numbers are growing by leaps and bound!  Today we have 193 classmates signed up to party at the ECC on July 11th!  We've extended the deadline, so send your check and registration TODAY...don't miss this once-in-40-years opportunity.  Go Hornet!
Lucinda Anderson - 07-02-2009
I'm sorry if we didn't get a chance to visit at the 30th because I will be missing the 40th.
Every once in awhile, we make it to the Winnipeg Folk Festival and this is one of those years.  I'm living in Minneapolis working during the school year at Lake Country Montessori School.  My husband, Roy McBride, our 12-year old daughter Lacinea, and I spend our  summers  in Osceola, Wisconsin on our dandelion ranch.  Best wishes to all of you.
John Rosell - 07-02-2009
I'll be there(the reunion) you be there.  Run don't walk to get your tickets
I retired this spring after 34 years of teaching science and coaching .
Google, Herald Journal John Rosell and read about my retirement
Colleen Sedgwick Belgum - 07-01-2009
Hi all...I just read through the list of you that will be attending, and wish I could be there with you!  I still live and teach in north central Minnesota, and would love to hear from you.  Email me at kestrelkyrie@hotmail.com or find me on Facebook.
Brad Swenson - 07-01-2009
I am driving down on THursday from North Dakota of all places. Any golfing activity planned for Friday????

See you next week!

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